Petrified Wood Obelisk



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  • Product Description

      Each item will vary in color.

      Originally built by the Egyptians in the Early Dynastic period, obelisks have been used for stonework training and to commemorate individuals and honor the gods. This piece is carved – at a much smaller scale – from petrified wood for lots of natural movement and visual interest.

      Overall Dimensions: 3.25"w x 3.25"d x 12.25"h

      How to Care for your Petrified Wood

      Reclaimed and perfectly preserved fossilized wood is given new life, hand carved and polished into striking accents and styles. Due to the natural fossilization process, which preserves and exhibits the unique details of the original bark and wood, a variance in color and texture is to be expected and speaks to the one-of-a-kind nature of these pieces.
      • Address spills immediately with a dry, soft cloth. Natural stone is a porous material, and although it has been sealed, spills should be blotted promptly to minimize staining.
      • Dust regularly with a soft, damp cloth, followed by a dry one.
      • Do not use window cleaning fluids, scouring compounds, gritty cloths, or strong solvents such as alcohol, ammonia or acetone as they may damage the finish.
      • Use coasters, trivets and placemats for protection against hot or wet items.
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