Read This On Your Anniversary



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      This fill-in-the-blank guidebook provides the framework for couples to share the story of how they met, what led to their engagement, honeymoon moments, and years of fond memories.


      Each anniversary, the book prompts you to recall those early conversations and shared experiences. Once captured in the book, these memories propel your relationship to be stronger and happier. 


      Enjoy, celebrate and love each other! Journaling your thoughts from your current anniversary, planning for those in the future, and reading what you previously wrote provides an opportunity to reflect on past celebrations, and build enthusiasm for the years ahead.


      It’s a wonderful gift! A shower. A wedding. An anniversary. Or any time just to say: Let’s start today and look back and forward together!  


      Read This...TM On Our Anniversary is the second book in the Read This…TM series, which engages, educates and inspires people to capture their life’s treasures. The books help readers reflect, quickly journal about meaningful matters, and set their sights on creating a great future.

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