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      Occasionally, a place exists that captures the spirit and history of an area much larger than itself. The Italian Gardens was such a place. Through its doors came the personalities, stories, and experiences of Kansas City. With a reputation that extended from coast-to-coast, Italian Gardens was also a destination for famous people and travelers from all walks of life.


      Encapsulated within the story of this one unique restaurant is the larger story of the Italian-American experience. From the struggles of the early immigrants to the family traditions and the Italian impact on city life in urban America, The Gardens captured the spirit, style, and personalities that have come to define the Italian-American story. It is a story populated by heroes with names like DiMaggio, Marciano, Lanza, and Sinatra. It is a story of optimism, entrepreneurship and the American Dream.


      The Gardens might have closed, but through this book, the family invites you back in to savor the aroma and atmosphere of their famous eatery. The menu is thick with delicious stories and tasty tidbits. Boun Appetito!

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