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Ice Block 8oz Rocks Glass



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  • Product Description

      The BarConic® Ice Block 8oz Rocks Glass is a great size for serving any type of liquor on the rocks or if your guests prefer to sip their drink this glass can also be used to serve drinks straight or neat. There is enough volume for liquor and ice that still leaves room to add a mixer or allow the liquor breathe. The ice block cut design on the outside of the glass provides grip and something interesting to look at. With its strong thick glass and interesting curb appeal the Ice Block Rocks Glass is sure to keep your customers coming back for more!


      Note: Hand washing recommended.




      Thick strong glass

      Ice block design cut into the outside of the glass

      Can be used for serving drinks "on the rocks" or single liquor drinks

      Additional Information

      Height: 3.25 inches

      Top Diameter: 3 inches

      Base Diameter: 3 inches

      Recommended to hand wash

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