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      • Unrivaled: the first book dedicated to photographs of flamingos

      • Flamingos are very trendy and popular - these pink creatures are the new unicorns!

      • Biologist and photographer Claudio Contreras Koob has been watching flamingos since he was a child, and no one gets as close to these graceful birds as he does

      Rarely does a bird mesmerize us as much as the flamingo: Graceful, elegant and decked out in colorful plumage, it has evolved into a trendy bird with a cult following in recent years. And no one can give us a better understanding of this animal than Claudio Contreras Koob: A biologist and photographer, he has had a special relationship with the flamingos of his native Mexico since childhood. At a young age, he would disappear for hours into the swamps and mangrove forests of the Yucatan Peninsula to discover the local flora and fauna, where he encountered for the first time the breathtaking display a flamingo colony presents during mating season. Since that day, his love for nature, and especially flamingos, has been unwavering. With over 120 spectacular photographs, this book offers a glimpse into the behavior and life of a flamingo colony as never seen before. It is the result of over 20 years of a passion that combines biology and photography. Text in English, German and Spanish.

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